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Человек из лаборатории: эксперименты пришельцев

Нет дыма без огня Завораживающие своей смелостью научные эксперименты по усовершенствованию человеческой природы, выведению искусственных людей описаны на страницах многих фантастических романов. Но существуют ли у выдуманных героев прототипы из реальной жизнь, и могло ли быть подобное в действительности? Такие...

19 июня 2017

When technology gets too smart

We've been warned by Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, technology can be a dangerous thing. But how can we control it and continue to use it safely?

27 октября 2015

A closer look at distant nebulas

The Helix Nebula is a large planetary nebula located in the constellation Aquarius. This object is one of the closest to the Earth of all the bright planetary nebulae.

27 октября 2015

Turris Babel Book Design

This month, we're highlighting the best branding designs submitted by our readers. Check out this Invisible rebrand by Studio Mut.

8 июля 2015

James Webb Space Telescope

JWST's capabilities will enable a broad range of investigations across the fields of astronomy and cosmology. When this thing goes live in 2018, watch out!

7 июля 2015

Tips to keep your desk clean

The pen of the writer, the pencil of the engineer, the papers of the taxpayer—all find their heavens at the desk. Let's take a look at how to keep it tidy.

6 июля 2015

Ambient Strings album review

Fresh off their North American tour, The Ambient Strings are back with their last album, Space Sounds. Let's take a look at their sophomore album.

6 июля 2015

Curiosity mission extended indefinitely

Curiosity‍‍'​‍s design will serve as the basis for the planned Mars 2020 rover. In December 2012, Curiosity‍‍'​‍s two-year mission was extended indefinitely.

5 июля 2015

United States enters the space race

The Space Race has left a legacy of Earth communications and weather satellites, and continuing human space presence on the International Space Station.

4 июля 2015

Hubble Space Telescope turns 25

This school-bus sized hunk of metal and glass is responsible for some of humanity's greatest discoveries. Let's take a look at 25 years of Hubble Space Telescope.

2 июля 2015

Branding Overhaul Project

This month, we're highlighting the best branding designs submitted by our readers. Check out this Invisible rebrand by 26 Lettres.

30 июня 2015